Abstract Submission

Abstract submission has been extended to July 20th, 2018 and we are now only accepting abstracts for posters. Abstracts may be submitted to one of the four categories specified below. Please contact us at ionsmidwestus2018@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Micro/nanophotonics and Metamaterials (Session held at Purdue University, IN)

The last few years have witnessed tremendous progress in the fabrication of micron-scale and nanoscale optical devices. The demand for low-profile devices in applications like LiDAR, beam steering, and spectroscopy has resulted in a surge of interest in integrated optical devices and nanostructured artificial media. Some exemplary accomplishments include low loss and high efficiency plasmonic modulators, ultra-high Q optical microresonators, and novel waveguiding structures, among others. In terms of nanostructured optical materials, there has been a great deal of scholarship coming out on topics like hyperbolic metamaterials and dielectric metasurfaces. These developments have fed into applications like precision ranging, nanophotonic sensing, and thermal light management, among others. Under the umbrella of this theme, we hope to include these and other advances in the field of integrated optics and nanostructured media.

Quantum Information Science, Metrology, and Imaging (Session held at Purdue University, IN)

From the early days of the telescope to the recent detection of gravitational waves, measurement – whether it takes the form of imaging, ranging, or spectroscopy – has been at the heart of research in optics. This includes work on the classical side like superresolution imaging and chip scale dual-comb spectroscopy, as well as various other forms of metrology. Advances in the quantum realm include quantum-limited measurements of mechanical motion and information processing based on the characterization and manipulation of individual photons. This short list of developments is certainly not representative, let alone exhaustive, of all the work that falls under this theme. We hope to include all manner of advances in quantum optical science and precision metrology.

Lasers and Novel Phenomena in Non-linear Optics (Session held at University of Dayton, OH)

Lasers play a revolutionary role in opening new possibilities for scientific, medical, industrial, communications and security applications. Modern lasers bridge material science, physics, chemistry and biology, and engineering, through applications in areas such as additive manufacturing and nanofabrication, medical imaging and non-invasive surgery. Nonlinear optics has seen renewed interest with the advent of new fields such as nonlinear microscopy, optical frequency combs, all-optical and neuromorphic computing, quantum optics, high-harmonic and extreme UV generation, among others. Submissions are encouraged covering but not limited to topics such as novel laser sources, ultrafast laser technologies, laser applications for bio-medical uses, classical and quantum computing, spectroscopy, holography, UV to THz generation, and optical frequency combs.

Optical Communication and Sensing (Session held at University of Dayton, OH)

Lasers and optical fibers opened the door to the field of optical communications, which has led to the development of the Internet, as we know it today. Additionally, the study of free-space propagation of laser light has been instrumental in development of new optical sensing platforms. This theme encompasses a broad range of areas including long-range optical communications through fibers and free space transport. Submissions are encouraged from remote sensing, environmental effects on light propagation, adaptive optics, spatial light modulators, and Lidar technologies. Additional topics include:  photodetectors and advanced components for coherent transmitters and receivers, photonic and optoelectronic integration, multiplexing, fiber optical sensors, orbital angular momentum states and their propagation, mid-IR, and other fundamental and applied technologies that help push the field of optical communications and sensing forward.